30 Jul 2011

What A Bloody Waste Of A Month!

I can and will only blame procrastination so much for not accomplishing so many things that I needed and wanted to do in this month of July.

I can always admit when I'm wrong, lazy and just not in the mood for people, places and things. It's not a sign of weakness and will never see it as that. It's the people who pretend everything is great, happy and perfect that you need to watch out for. Believe me. 

All in all I can say July was a s*** month for me. It was highly emotional and also lacklustre. I learned a lot, but also didn't do a lot.

I keep saying to myself I NEED a holiday. I NEED to go away. I NEED a change of scenery. The thing is if I'd had worked my a** off hard enough over the past 30 days I could be packing a suitcase instead of writing this.

But you know what...? All in all I'm OK with it as much as I hate the fact July was s***. I can make certain things happen or I cannot. It's that simple. It really is. But you have to get to a point of "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired" and REALLY desire that change for yourself.

Laziness and procrastination have to take a back seat. I'm a big girl now, and as much as I hated that slump, I'm kind of glad it happened.

Time to get my a** into gear and hopefully this time next month, I can be posting about a better month in August and maybe even have a trip planned whether it's for a few days or few weeks...who knows.

Next month can be the same s***y month as July was it simply can not.

It's up to me and me only! My choice really.

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