28 Nov 2008

LondonDiva's Attack on BPT Time

After this blog post yesterday, let's see how I get on this week.

Monday arrived at 10:40 - 10 minutes late

Tuesday arrived at 10:28 - 2 minutes early

Wednesday arrived at 10:17 - 13 minutes early

Thursday arrived at 10:30 - On time!

Friday arrived at 10:27 - 3 minutes early

All in all I've done good since being pissed off at myself from Monday. Now next week I need to see if I can get getting up when the alarm goes off.


  1. lol...keepin ma fingerz crossed 4 the rest of ur week...lol...good luck!!!

  2. Thanks. Although Friday I maybe intentionally late by about 10 minutes but say I have a dentists appointment in the morning as Coldplay and Jay-Z tickets go on sale at 9:30am and I need to snag mine asap!!


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