30 Nov 2008

WOW Leona Lewis Take 2

The girl can sing, and although I'm not a fan I can only admit to having Bleeding Love and Run [released today and a Snow Patrol cover] which I actually think is better than the original, coming from someone who actually likes Snow Patrol.

So as I'm on Itunes I see that Leona looks nothing like the Leona we've been seeing for the last 2 years. It looks nothing like her, but that's what a good make-up job coupled with some hair dye and a little airbrushing can do.

I think both Leona's look beautiful, but the darker haired one definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

Leona Lewis - Run
On X Factor


  1. OMG!!! She looks like a different girl. I've never seen the dark hair on her. I agree, I definately like that one better. She looks more exotic, kind of like she could e from the middle east. Very pretty. I don't like the light hair too much.

  2. Well, the eyes look bigger, the upper lip plumper and the eyebrows higher.

    Either Photoshop or a little "work" has been done to that pretty face. She is mostly in the US now, if you see what I mean.

    She almost looks like The Pussy Cat Dolls' lead singer Nicole Scherzinger on that pic, doesn't she?

    The dark hair definitely looks better on her, though!

    And nice blog, Miss Diva! :)


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