15 Dec 2008

Alexandra To Be Bigger Than Leona???

The X Factor winner Alexandra Burke's first single, a version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, is the fastest-selling download ever across Europe despite only being available since yesterday.
Burke's single has sold more than 105,000 copies since going on sale at midnight on Saturday, fewer than two hours after she won the fifth series of the ITV1 reality show. HMV is already predicting that she has the Christmas No 1 "all wrapped up".

The hefty download sale has already put Burke at the top of internet sales charts, including iTunes and HMV.com, with the CD version of the single not out until Wednesday.
Burke's sale eclipsed the previous fastest download of 82,000 in one day — the previous X Factor winner Leona Lewis's debut release, A Moment Like This, two years ago.

I was one of those 105,000 to download the song legally I may add from Itunes this weekend. Well Leona was SERIOUS hype 2 years ago and not so much about Alexandra. I remember even Clive Davis was interested in Leona before she even won. Alexandra hasn't garnered that interest this time around and look at that out-selling Leona by thousands.
I haven't been this excited for a new artist since 1990....yes I'm talking about Mariah.

It comes as Simon Cowell vowed to turn Alexandra into a bigger star than Leona, telling friends that this year's X Factor winner is 'more versatile'.

Alexandra has outsold Leona Lewis. He is already talking to the industry's most acclaimed writers and producers to find the right songs for his new protégé.

I hope you keep to your word Mr Cowell. I expect great things from Alexandra Burke...AND SHE HAS A PERSONALITY TOO!!! Thank the Lord!


  1. yay Alexa!!!i like her more because well babygirl can dance, the voice n more n m sure she wont let me bleed love!!!

  2. I'm as excited as you are! I bought the single too to support but I actually love her version.

    Have you seen this story? http://xfactor.itv.com/stories/story-detail/item_100570.htm

    It seems Alex will be supporting Beyonce in May.

  3. Awww K, that story was too sweet. You trying to get me blubbing at my desk. I hope Alexandra does make it onto the stage at the O2 in May. I'm estatcic for her. Although I have the download I'll get the single too. And the album when it comes out. I'm so happy for her it could be shit like Kanye's new album and wouldn't care. She's just a regular Black London girl like us. It's nice to see something so huge happen for people you can relate to.

  4. Yes Alexandra is a wonderful talent. Not only can she sing and dance, she also has a fantastic and charming personality. I really hope that Simon Cowell puts his money where his mouth is and makes her a huge star. She has the talent and now all she needs is the support.


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