7 Jan 2009

Say What?: Part 9 - Black British Women, Stop The Winter Madness!

It's Wednesday, and since Monday's snow and continual ice on the ground and minus degree weather, now is not a time to look cute! It really isn't. It's about being practical! Unless you are a celebrity going from hotel entrance to a waiting car then you need your head examined!

I am a person who is extremely visual. I watch and analyse and take in a lot. Over the years some of these young black women over here are carrying on with a foolishness and let me indeed say taking on some 'white' traits like….and if you're from here will know this one...

Going to and coming from a club with no damn coat!! Huddled with your girls walking through Victoria station to get on the tube shivering whilst trying to look cute whilst saying loud enough to hear "Pernisha, come on nah, it's cold ta raas!!" It's £1.50 to put your coat in the cloakroom!!! Cheap ass! Walk wid some change! I know times are hard and you're trying to get in FREE B4 11 but does that mean spending nothing at all including the cloakroom fee just to say you had a cheap but good night out?

If your black ass donned a puffa you wouldn't have that problem then would you?

Now all in all everybody seems to have donned some sense over the past few days including the white folks who love nothing more than to constantly complain of 'being hot' and wearing next to nothing in cold weather. It's cold in the morning and reported yesterday -3 degrees in my borough. Now minus degree weather is very common at night, not during the day, so you know it's cold to the point of gloves and scarf are a must. But my dear fellow blog readers, Monday was snow, I was practically snowboarding in my trainers [sneakers] to the train station and toward the end of my tube journey I see a pair of 4-5 inch open toe and open black stilettos standing on the escalator. As I look up it's a sista!

You know when you have that look of shock on your face like someone close to you has just died, coupled with something rises up in your chest and you want to take your right hand and smack the back of their head? Well that's how I felt.

Case #2, this morning I go past the bus stop and see another sista wearing open toe sandals. I'm in Nike trainers again thick socks, scarf, puffa jacket, gloves and can feel the cold, looking nothing like how a Diva should look let me tell you. No matter how many years we've been here we ARE NOT designed for this climate and will feel the cold over any Caucasian any day. I don't know where these heifers were, but palm trees and Appleton rum I did not see. And I didn't see a steel band playing on the high street.

WTF is going on with our people? Open toe shoes in minus degree London weather with snow and ice on the ground. Spare me the mutha effin bullshit please, then you wanna talk about cold and being sick.

**kiss teet**

Next time I should ask one of these fools "Is your foot bottom not cold?" Mek dem feel shame!

Tip: Walk to work with your trainers and put the shoes on when you reach the office. Is that so hard a concept?


  1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell those women please who dont get it...those are the same chics who when they see sun and its still freezing outside insist on wEARING MINIMAL clothing...it aint summer because the sun pees at you in winter

  2. LMAO...Funny you should write about this coz yesterday morning one of my girl's was at mine and she was like 'Damn Shona, you're definitely not caring about looking cute!' and I told her that being warm was my top priority, (had so many layers of clothing underneath my fashionable jersey top..thick tights and skinny jeans..gloves, scarf n all) and there was no way i was going to freeze in the name of 'fabulosity' and cuteness...after work, (btw, it seemed colder than -4)I'm by Angel waiting to cross the road and guess what i see, some peep-toe shoes, short skirt, flimsy jacket n all!!!I really had a WTF look on my face..this sista might have thought she was being cute but to me she was being stupid!!Aint like she just came from Lapland where its colder..hell i was in Helsinki but still came back moaning its freezing...we werent manufactured for this cold!!

    And then those who don't wear their coats to the club!!I might be in a car to the club BUT will still put my coat on!!I just don't get this whole wanna be Victoria Beckham style when we aint...they make me kiss my teeth too...mmmcccccheeewwww!!


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