9 Jan 2009

R Kelly & Andrea Kelly Divorce! About Bloody Time Too!

So! R Kelly and his wife are officially divorced. What took the cow so long?

Let me tell you something. I know how to love a man, but I'll be damned if I'm going to love a child molesting one. Don't even get me started on that, that's a whole 'nother blog all together. Breasts n Batty it doesn't matter, the children were still under age. Nuff said and done! So this woman stuck by this fool, like a fool and finally x amount of years later she sees sense. It's not like she was a Stepford wife she had her own career going on and a successful one at that. And I highly doubt it was status, nobody knew who the hell she was nor even that R was married until she did that 'stand by your man' Essence interview. I saw a You Tube video of his wife and 'oh my goodness' is all I can say.

This divorce was well overdue in my opinion. Well overdue. There is no way I'd let a man bring all of that humiliation to me and our 3 children. I would have taken a frying pan to his head ta raas. I'm not even saying that for effect. To cheat on me, but to cheat on me with children. Nah I'd go Madea on his ass! And then come into whose bed after that talking about 'heaven I need a hug' and 'forgive me'? First name ain't Jesus and the last surely ain't Christ. So ask the Lord for that forgiveness. I'll just act like too much of a sinner to even abide by that particular teaching.

This is why married women need to have their own money when married and not depend 100% on a man to bring home the paper, so when he dun fuck up, pack your shit and go if that's what you want to do. Andrea is lucky she's carved out a career for herself with her own dance school. Too many women saving up to leave. Save what? The only thing I'll be saving for is an upgrade for his casket if any of that mess was brought to my table.

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  1. Whateva,

    What kind of career did she have when he met her? She was a video chick and had the label of Choreographer after she did some of his videos. She had to wait for the 50 mil hush money before the divorce was final otherwise she would have starved. She knows what type of freak she married and now she got paid . Game over.

    Aint nobody know about her lousy dance school but youtube viewers.

  2. 'Whateva' what? Video chicks don't go onto have their own damn dance theatre. You think you can turn up on a set shake your ass then open up a dance theatre? Video chicks are Lola Angel and Melissa Fords. Andrea Kelly is a dancer/choreographer. Huge difference. That face cannot do Video Chick are you kidding me? I may not like what the woman stands for in how she conducts her personal life but I'll give her credit where credit is due. My cousin is a professional dancer. He's done music videos to choreographing to teaching classes and it's a lot of hard bloody graft to be where they're at. She's probably been dancing before she could speak. It's not about prancing on a stage and the level of her teaching is bloody astounding with her fusion of African and contemporary dance performances. Yes her videos are on You Tube just along with the likes of Brian Friedman, Laurie Ann Gibson, Blake McGrath [my fave] and Tina Landon [Janet Jackson fame] so what that's gotta do with anything I don't know? How is her dance school lousy as well? WOW I don't get the point in defaming something without reason. Have you actually seen 1 performance she's choreographed? Very far from mediocrity. She's talented at her craft and her dance theatre is impressive. If she wanted to she could have pimped his name dry to boost her career. And hardly anyone knew he was married, what her name was or what she even looked like till 07 when she did that interview, let alone have 3 kids. Sounds more like a woman dead set to getting on with her own agenda together rather than act like a gold digging hussy and pushing her face up in the spotlight like kim Kardashian clinging to reggie Bush every 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure a woman like her dedicated to being a dancer would have opened up her own school regardless. If Blake McGrath can without being with anyone high profile at his young age, she definitely could have because she has the credentials. Man/Woman makes no difference.

    And as for could have starved. That really does deserve a whatever. Starve which part? I guess black women have never been left stranded with 3 kids before and don't know how to survive? Whether R Kelly is her man or Tyrone the prison thug. I'm very sure Andrea Kelly has money in the bank that's she made on her very own and probably would have had without R Kelly being her husband. And even though i don't agree with women taking money in a divorce settlement, tek it yes! more so because he's a nasty bastard and I would have taken it too in that instance. One thing black women know how to do is dust themselves off and get on with it to make ends meet, so starve she wouldn't have. I highly doubt that. When you're on your own with 3 children all you're thinking about is survival, by any means necessary. Especially when it comes to black women in MY experience black men have NEVER defined who they are as people. She would have been fine and well fed without him.

  3. i sit here shocked.

    was she crazy to stay?

    .... just shocked!!

  4. Not half as shocked as I am by reading

    "was she crazy to stay?"

    Having sex and being notorious with it by having sex with minors, which by law he'd be classed as a paedophile whether pre-pubescent or adolecent, I'm surprised you're even asking.

    Was she crazy to stay? Aaliyah born in 1979 was being repped in a song "she's got that vibe" when she's about 12/13 years old. What vibe has Aaliyah got at that age to be repped by a grown ass man. It certainly makes her marriage @ 15 seem so much more believeable. I have a friend in Houston whose neice lives in Chicago and was approached by R Kelly and given his number when she herself was a minor. She's just one of many. He was notorious for hanging outside high schools in Chicago too, and you wanna sit there shocked asking was she crazy to stay?

    I really do hope I've read into that question wrong and you're actually 'shocked that she stayed' in posing that question.

    I swear people seem to forget aside from the betrayl AIDS is REAL and infecting black women at an alarming rate and I can see why. With these 'stand by your man' type attitudes and allowing them to sex whoever, then come home and share your bed producing x amount of children in the process I'm not surprised its a contributing factor.

    So yes IMO she's crazy to have stayed. If you would have 'worked it out' with a man who loves having sex with underage girls and being on child pornography charges and brings your whole family publicly into disrepute then good on ya. That's not for me or my children. I'm worth so much more than that and deserve so much better, that leaving is the perfect option whether it's R Kelly or Mr Smith down the road doing these nasty things to underage girls.

  5. You are so right when you say it was about time they got that divorce, if not too many years too late!!
    I never knew he had a wife all them 'Fiesta' days...RKelly as a man I totally detest him BUT on his music I will applaud his talent..its a shame about the man behind the music!!
    LOL@Kim Kardashian on Reggie Bush..that gurl will do anything to stay relevant..

  6. R. Kelly has NEVER behaved like a married man... so she shouldn't have bounced long ago.

  7. I mean no disrespect, but it was that woman's choice-period. We have no place saying what a married person should or should not decide about staying in their marriage.

    Marriage is hard enough as it is dealing with the thoughts, words and actions of the two people in it...let alone to have to deal with 'everybody and their mama' having something to say about it.


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