22 Feb 2009

What A Lovely Weekend!

Oooh it was eventful. I spent a lot and ate a lot that's for sure. I managed to work right up until 8pm [the same time we were told to get to Carbon] and was umming and ahhing about going. Part of me wanted to go home and just clean the house, get organised, another part of me wanted to have a few drinks, shake my ass and literally shake off the week and the mini-drama from Thursday.

So whilst I'm working/e-mailing my friend and flabbergasted at just how much she gets approached and goes on dates, I'm whining that I have to travel 5,000 miles before anyone approaches me [it never happens in London for me]. I'm packing up my things ready to go. Just me and two others on the derelict floor doing the late shift till 11pm. I hear my name whispered from behind me and I swear for a split second I thought I heard Jesus call my name. I got shook just for a second. I turn my black ass around and find the cutest guy in the whole of the company [in my opinion] trying to catch my attention. Poor thing, he went out for a few drinks and couldn't contain himself and had to tell me with his Dutch couraged up self that he likes me...OK awkward moment.

#1 never listen to a man under the influence, even if slightly, although...
#1.5 a lot of truth can be exposed under the influence, but...
#2 he's involved [no go area]
#3 this is the workplace. I've done the whole [real extra] flirting and outside the office communication before. **Looks at ones self in disgust**

It's sweet he felt the need to stand there gushing and complimenting me and telling me the hard faced LondonDiva was not at all that comes across when he speaks to me etc etc etc. I told him he won't remember this on Monday, but I'll e-mail him from across the office to remind him just how he embarrassed himself. And why do guys feel the need to tell me this like they've just discovered the Holy Grail, that "I know under that tough exterior you're really a softy." Ummm I know that and have no trouble in telling folks. Typical Cancer hard exterior soft on the inside. Oh I am sweet, kind, caring, loving the works. But cross me and oh my goodness, I do not play. I don't mince my words, will tell you about yourself and threaten you with an ass whoopin if need be. Don't confuse the situation. Piss me off and you better find the emergency room pronto! But I may, just may, give you a hug when I've calmed down in about 3.5 years. I hold a grudge like a mutha!

After that I hot foot it over to Carbon and get a lil tipsy. I decided tonight was the night I was going to have my first shot of Patrón [coffee flavoured]. HELL I needed a shot of something. I don't do wine or beer. Spirits and hard liquor is more my thing. £14 for a shot WHAT????? Fashogi told me it's $35 a bottle in the US. PISSED is not even the word...

AWW HELL NO *just checked online* that Café Patron is £26 online **whips out debit card, but puts it back after remembering all of the weekend spending** And you know at £14 a shot that damn shot glass is in my kitchen right now].

Don't ever come in my house looking for wine, you won't find any. I like drinks that BEFORE you drink them you know will F you up. I'm prepped with Rum. I was prepared for Patrón. Wine is like a mugger down a dark street, just creeps up on you from behind and whoops your ass. I don't like wine cause it deceives you. Rum tells you straight. Tek tomorrow off, if you drink mi, mi will drunk you!! I feel violated after wine. Like a cheap one night stand. Waking up with pure regret in the morning.

Myers Jamaican Rum and Champagne are the only alcoholic beverage you'll find in here AND YOU BETTER BE SOMEBODY TO BE DRINKING THAT [my stash] IN MY HOUSE. I know NOTHING about wine and don't confess to, that's why I don't drink it and as mentioned above. I have champagne preferences and will only drink Myers Jamaican Rum. Finding that in the UK **shakes head** is tough in the US it's in practically every bar. I can only find it in the black area off licences. **Whispers** I'll be adding that Patrón to the list now of home alcoholic beverage staples, and Fash upon your recommendation I WILL BE trying the Silver.

But....that [shot] plus a glass of this and a few sips of that from other people [on an empty stomach] and I was well on my way to having a good night. I stayed till about 2am and caught a ride with a friend's friend back home. Come 3:30am after some hot chocolate and soup I was 2 inches of my forehead away from the floor asleep whilst [sorta] watching Girlfriends. I didn't realise I could contort my body like that sitting up. I had a great time getting a tad wasted [I never usually condone it but I usually save the drinking for vacations. I only drink around people I know and where I never have to make it home alone on public transport]. I danced till I hurt, and just had a great time. I'm glad I made the effort to go out rather than go home. There's birthday drinks at work this week. I have a rule. I don't do drink with the folks at work. I spend 40-50 hours with them a week. That is enough time around non-black folks. If I have time to be socialising with them I can be using that time to socialise with friends/family that I don't see as much. I may make the effort this time. I said may!

Saturday was a two meal affair. For those that don't know I hit 30 in July, and my friend in May. We're celebrating the birthday in Vegas on June 12th, buying a gift for ourselves every month and dining out once a month for the whole of 2009. Basically we're celebrating this new milestone for the whole year. We didn't make the most of 18 or 21 and we sure as hell aren't waiting till 40 for the next biggie!

Saturday was Mrs H's turn for the restaurant pick. 140 Park Lane...yes that's the name of the restaurant at the Marriott on Park Lane. I ALWAYS check out the menu before I go and I wasn't impressed by the choices. Although that was Friday when I looked, this was Saturday I'd woken up totally mash up slightly hung over and had no time for breakfast, had to shower, get ready and go. Thank God Saturday was sunny because I needed my sunglasses for something other than sun [feeling bruck], and a chance to wear my new Fendi's [and low and behold Mrs H was wearing hers too]. I opted for smart casual, silk Vanessa Riley blouse, my favourite slim Pia jeans, cropped cape jacket, long leather gloves, Betsey Johnson red patent leather tote with gold accents, tan suede flats with gold chain accents and a HANGOVER. It was too early to dress like I was going out to dinner, but decided on a Saturday casual-Esq attire instead. I did the heels the night before and the thighs were not up to it today. It seems like they weren't in flats either. I was hurting. Mrs H was on the same tip. She too had, smart jeans, silk shirt, cape jacket, and long leather gloves. As much as I wasn't feeling good I made sure I looked good and must have made an impression as a guy came up to me and asked me if I was a model. I am tooting my own horn.... Compliments are rare in London, and if you get one, blog about it, just to remind yourself it actually did happen!

Lunch was better than I thought. I ordered the wrong main though and should have gone with the seared venison. Mrs H did, but my starter crab and prawn cakes and my dessert Banana parfait were divine. I even ate the leafy salad ensemble on the plate with the crab and prawn cakes. It was drizzled in the most fabulous tasting dressing I've ever tasted. And if anyone knows me. I don't do salads or leafy green things. I would definitely go back for this alone. This is a restaurant that fools you with the portions, you know don't look that big but when you're done you're actually full like you ate KFC, McDonald's AND Burger King. I had that hangover hunger so I was HUNGRY!!! and was still full. Lord it was 3:30 by the time we finished and I had a dinner reservation at 7:30 for a family dinner at Beauberry House How in the hell was I to manage another three courses after this? I was full to the brim. I had pretty much, no time to do anything. I got home just after 5pm and my sister was coming for me at 7pm. Luckily come 7pm it felt like I was already beginning to digest the three course lunch.

Beauberry House was lovely. We had a really nice evening for my dad'd 75th. I love a nice dinner out with the family. It was the first time dad told us all about him coming over on the ship from Jamaica in 1959 on the Begonia and his partying days in London in the 60's. My dad was a baller back in the day. He was earning some serious money as a painter. He's never claimed benefit the whole of his working life. He came here to work and as soon as he arrived he got a job. I asked him why were tradesmen in dire need. He said the English people were too lazy, and it seems to this day nothing has changed. Look at all the Polish and Eastern Europeans that come here to do construction and other skilled labour jobs in half the time, a better job and less money than the English. Imagine that at the time rent for the room was £2 a week and my dad was earning that per hour. Houses were around £500, so it gives you an idea of in comparison just how much my dad was earning. I mean say your rent is £200 a week today how many people can say they earn the same in an hour as their rent is a week? Now I know why that house we lived in was so damn big. About 5 stories and how many bedrooms I don't know. Gwan pops!!!!

The food was good but I'm not sure if it was a case of I was already stuffed from lunch that I wasn't feeling my next three courses. Again I ordered the wrong main dish. I should have gone with the Blackened Miso Cod my sister had. Why does that always happen? You order but want the other person's dish? I couldn't even finish my champagne [which was VERY nice so much so I'm going to call the restaurant and find out just what that was and buy a few bottles] and desert so my mother gladly had that. She didn't miss a beat consuming my leftovers.

Man, my mother is real stush and very outspoken. She took offence to the woman next to us listening to her conversation about our late uncle and asked loud enough to hear if she'd like to hear some more. Oh lord that didn't stop her from commenting that the woman looked like she was dressed for Hollywood and the man came out in a shambolic looking sweater. My sister leaned over to me and said "now I know where we get it from." My eyes widened and indeed I was looking at myself in my mother. Sis was too. But it's not what she says it's how she says it which is so like us. Makes the comment ever so slightly whilst gracefully sipping on champagne. My mother is a trip. I'm trying to help my typically Jamaican father order from the menu. He hasn't got a clue about French or Japanese food. Words like Miso and Tempura are foreign to my dad. So every time I mention a dish

"Roy doesn't eat crab."
"Order the Salmon Roy you like that."
"No don't have beef we're having that tomorrow."

**Insert dad rolling his eyes and me trying to hold it down**

Of course after 28 years of marriage, dad has tuned my mother out and orders what he wants. [It was the salmon though] but it was his choice which was most important. I love my mum, but damn she is hard work, even when ordering a meal.

I took my main course home and finished that for breakfast. And as usual it always tastes better the next day. Service was slow though, that and no balsamic vinegar with the Olive oil for my bread. WHAT!!!! It's a good job I had my fix at the Marriott then. Balsamic vinegar and Olive Oil is a must have for me before I get stuck into a meal. I'm a lil piggy, what can I say. **makes note pick up fresh FANCY bread and balsamic vinegar tomorrow. None of this sliced Kingsmill lark.** I will eat it all night if I have to. I can't get enough. Plus I'm a carb fiend!!

Everyone headed back to my house and low and behold my dad was sick in my bathroom. He mixed his drinks at dinner. Lord Jesus! As much as I was concerned about my dad I thought please, not on the carpet. Luckily he didn't. Thank God! So when they all left just after midnight I called after 1am and asked my mum how my dad was. She said he was chilling downstairs in his robe with a Whisky. I had to laugh and shake my head at the same time. My goodness my father sure does love a drink.

Sunday I left that day to do everything I should have done, you know, laundry, cleaning. ME time! I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be after all that. I could have easily gone out again, but decided against it. We're one man down in the office this week and I know I have a busy one ahead of me. I gotta get my head down and get on. Although you know I'll always find time to blog [I hope], update my Facebook status on the Blackberry, and e-mail a friend or two [just a not as much as I'd like to]. As much as I'm going to make it in early tomorrow, I'm going to have a past 1am bedtime and watch this DVD rental. I don't even remember adding it to my list. It's called Waz and looks to be on the gore tip.

Sweet Lord have mercy!! What is it with me and the desire to watch gory films on a Sunday anyway?

All in all a good weekend was had. The weather is warming up a tad, it's getting brighter so hopefully there will be more of these to come!


  1. u sure had a great weekend filled with good food... aww Happy Birthday to ur dad.......
    dont forget to mail the guy that professed his feelings for u and lets hear if he remembers.......btw, loved the way ur outfit ensemble sounds

  2. I'm glad you had a memorable weekend and got Pops all messed up. Its never a good nite until one person gets messed up. I know you have several more parties to plan so all i can say in your honor is SALUT

  3. LOL @ the colleague...is it really necessary for the after work drinks...never been into them myself

    As for your meals...they look delicious! And although I have given up the whole drinking alcohol thing...I totally agree about wine...especially red wine...spirits do not lie...

  4. Great weekend I see...and i so hear you about the deceiver that is wine...though after many years of drinking white wine, it doesn't do much for me, eg Saturday evening I had a bottle of Piat D'or Medium White and it didn't do nothing for me, jus a lil bit tipsy but that was it...
    Hmmm let me order that bottle of patron..lol..

  5. @Shona, I'm going to look up Disaronno!!

    Girl order that Patrón and tell me how you like it. I was vex to pay that £14 and see the boccle, yes boccle fi £26 deh pun di HINTERNET.

  6. Im stuck on £14!! Wow.

    Im glad i know u dont drink wine, coz that was going to be my plan when i made it over to you!! lol Ill go in search for the Myers from now i think...;0)

    You sound like u had a great weekend thou, i wanna know what happened with your work colleague, did u mention anything to him on Monday? (so nosey). Mail me mail me.

    Good for u at having a dance thou!! We all have to let our hair down sometimes...
    lol @ the position u were in at 3.30am...
    I need to prepare myself when i press enter in the address bar for LondonDiva....wow. My cheeks!



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