26 Feb 2009

Birthday Gift #2 - Milstan Irons

OK, so it's not a typical present, present. But I figure I'd buy myself something I could use other than a new pair of shoes.

Anyone that knows me knows, I know a fair about haircare etc and take care of it myself from cutting, colouring, relaxing to braiding. And flat ironing too. These ceramic irons are bloody awful. I don't care what new one comes out, none of them are great for my hair. I preferred the old school hair tools that have gone way out of fashion. I thought about hair care back in the day and the girls at school who had healthy long hair, marcel irons or pressing combs were usually the hair choice before ceramic irons were ever thought of. Shiny and straight. With me ceramic irons not that straight and quite dull. I've had enough of my hair snagging in these things. I've tried two. I'm through. I'm going back to basics.
I stumbled across Milstan flat irons, watched You Tube videos as well as scouring the forum from some people who had used them. Those that had, loved them. There were a lot of women scared literally to use any type of marcel or flat iron that didn't come with a plug.

**Twists corner of mouth**

Ummmm I don't call myself the research queen for nothing. Had they taken less time to be scared and sourced the net, primarily Google, they'd find that you can actually get heat controlled stoves for irons. But whatever, that is their choice to be cautious. It's cool.
I've been using a hot pressing comb since I was about 14 doing my own hair on the stove itself, so have no worries or issues in these types of irons. That coupled with almost a decade of online hair care knowledge I should be no more worse off than a ceramic iron user.
So the feather flat and Slither iron are my gifts to myself for February. I toyed with the idea of shoes, sneaker, sunglasses but I buy that for myself anytime and to be honest the thought of getting the Milstan irons excited me more. So I'm going with that. I posted a You Tube video in the link below so you can see the irons at work. And if you watch the video long enough you'll see why the slither iron is being bought. For the hairline and kitchen areas this iron is perfect to catch all of those tiny hairs you can't catch with a ceramic iron.

Milstan Feather Flat and Slither Iron Video

You can check out the whole Milstan range here if you're interested or type in Milstan on You Tube and check out his video tutorials on the different irons.
If I ever decided to go back ultra short again, I'd definitely purchase his [Stan Nash] irons from the The "Master Short Hair Iron" Collection.

**GASP** If I was all for cosmetic surgery and had a low self esteem [which I'm not and don't have] I'd get those boobies...but I digress.

I'm not going to relax and flat iron my hair again until June, I'm currently braided, well kinky twists, and giving my hair a rest, but you'll know I'll post pictures and my results as soon as I use them.

The Feather Flat & Slither Irons are $79.99 each.


  1. hi london diva i hope your ok, and your new year has been blessed with a good start, i also can relate to what your saying.old fashioned irons back in the day were better for our hair but todays morden invention leaves your hair snagging all the time on these flat irons. i have been natural for 1 year and 4 months now and loving it , i did the big chop back in june 2008, 3 weeks ago i was on the internet looking for a good flat iron but wasn,t satisfied with the products i had found, namely sedu, fhi , etc. I accidently came across the feather flat iron WELL i decided to look into this product, after i had been on to youtube and watched a few videos i was amazed but also excited i had made up my mind to get the feather flat iron. i have been to stan nash website and found the feather flat iron there, but there is one thing i find annoying i can,t seem to find the stove to buy anywhere on his website, for days i have been looking through diffrent websites to find out where in the world i can buy this stove preferibly a small one for home use @ $49.99, but i,m also from london,anyway i came across your website today and after reading your post about these irons i wondered if you could PLEASE help me lonon diva could you tell me where i can purchase this stove i would be upmost gratefull to you if you could help me solve this dilema THANKS AND GOD BLESS


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