18 Feb 2009

Awww Hell No!!

Is this a white thing? Must be, because JUST TODAY I had to ask my co-worker why the dog was all up on the couch and his newborn son leaning on the dog in the picture on his desk.

Call me overly ethnic, extra, whatever. I have seen this A LOT with white folks having the dog all up on or near the children. I could never imagine a dog in the house in my family or friend's homes let alone posing near newborns and toddlers like they are part of the family. All up on the bed and couch and in the kitchen. No! No! No!

To me that's just straight up nasty and unsanitary.

Look at the dog all up in the pickney's face?

**a real kiss teet moment**


  1. Nasty,nasty, nasty!!!Fleas, dog hairs, dog saliva, fleas, dog hairs, the smell...I could go on...this is straight up nasty!!!!!

  2. Don't forget the licking and sniffing in certain areas too. **cringes**


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