19 Feb 2009

Double Awww Hell No!!

Someone give this chick a job!!

This seems to be Shanice's living now, posting You Tube videos of her singing other people's songs at other people's requests.

I didn't know where to look. I was cringing all the way through it. If you have small children or animals then please put them in another room. But if you want a good laugh [at the facial expressions], well then here it is.


  1. Err she could do so many remixes for You make me smile, have a Lil Wayne Remix, a T-Pain remix, a Kanye West Remix, an Estelle Remix instead of this ish...next she's going to audition at American Idol nah America's Got Talent!!Stop it Shanice, Stop it, you didn't make me smile!!!!

  2. Shanice has a great voice but she really does over do it! She thinks if she adds runs and whistle registers to every darn song it will sound great but often simple is best.

    Someone like her should be writing songs for other artists, finding a dignified way of making money- not posting videos on youtube! She is 16 and an unknown aspiring artist. Hate to say it but she's too mature to be doing ish like this.


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