1 May 2009

No Contest!

I have seen so many 'debates' about who is a better dancer.

Aaliyah or Ciara

Without stating the obvious, Aaliyah is of course, no longer with us, but it doesn't mean her artistry cannot be critiqued or compared to.

One thing about me, I love dancing, and yes watching it too, so when a fly dancer is on my TV screen I'm in awe. So when Ciara first hit the scene I was in my element. Then all these foolish threads on message boards came up with the Aaliyah/Ciara comparisons.

I don't care that Aaliyah went to a performing arts school and I couldn't care less if Ciara learnt her booty poppin swagger move in her bedroom. Bottom line is Ciara is a better dancer period.
Argue with me if you may, but I don't know what folks were seeing that even had Aaliyah compared to Ciara in the first place. Shoot even Beyonce can move better than Aaliyah could.

And no it's not about hateration, holleration in this dancerieee, and it's definitely not about pacifying Aaliyah just because she's passed on. Fact remains is this they're both beautiful, black, can dance, but have lacklustre singing voices that aren't even close to an American Idol Hollywood week standard. Just like Janet Jackson.

If Aaliyah were alive today I bet my money on it, she couldn't dance like Ciara, but Ciara could definitely do all her moves with her eyes closed. She's badass, haven't had a great female dancer/entertainer on the scene since Janet who I might add is a better dancer than her 50 year old brother. I loved Aaliyah but wasn't in awe of her dance skills. She danced like she was counting the steps poor thing and it all just looked a lil um....boring.


  1. Ciara gets the trophy for sure! I remember watching her and Chris Brown at the BET Awards, I almost gave her a standing ovation from my living room...baby girl has talent!!

  2. i agree with you..... Ciara has got some really tight moves..... and she keeps getting better. completely diferent steps wth Justin and Enrique same year? now thats talent

  3. Ciara is definitely a better dancer than Aaliyah. Thumbs up to Aaliyah for her dance steps but Ciara has a better flow and her moves don't look forced.

    **this is coming from someone who can't dance**

  4. Aaliyah made her dance moves look effortless but Ciara takes the cup, the tray, the saucer. That girl can move.

    Bey works hard at her moves, but with CiCi it's instinctive (being double jointed probably helps too).


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