17 Jun 2009

I'm Either Real Busy Or Getting Real Old

  • I have never heard the Birthday Sex song.
  • I didn't know Jamie Foxx sang 'Blame it on the Alcohol' until he guest appeared on American Idol.
  • I found out I'm a Celebrity USA was on via Facebook status messages.
  • I've never heard 1 song of the Drake dude.
  • If it wasn't for Twitter I wouldn't have heard D.O.A either.
  • I had no idea Michelle Obama was here in London for a whole week the other week. NO IDEA!!!
  • I don't know who's pregnant. Trying to get pregnant, or has delivered in celebville.
  • I only know about Iran through Twitter. My TV has been off and I don't read the papers.
  • I have no idea who Rihanna is dating/rumoured to be dating.
  • Has anyone died recently....I know about David in the closet in Bangkok.
  • Is Obama still President?
  • What's all this about Letterman apologising to Palin.

2:57am I'm out!!!


  1. If you have read my blog there is no need for you to listen to that song. The good lord is saving you Diva for foolery that can not be corrected. Listen to MC's Obsessed and be grateful she still sings because the new options are not cute

    As for Drake..he's ok but over rated

    As for the rest...verdict is you are too busy to deal with the NANSENSE... although I think you should check out the story of lil wayne and his baby mama's..getting ladies pregnant like its his second job *smh Diva...smh*

  2. Come Come now K, You know I've already listened to MC's Obsessed X amount of times by already. It was on constant repeat for about an hour and half last night.

    I'd be interested to see what Eminem has to say...or maybe not.

  3. Well, according to your test I'm even older.
    I didn't understand large part of it.
    At least age never prevented people form doing things -

  4. Don't even bother with the Birthday Sex song..you're so not missing ANYTHING!!!
    Drake - who is he again??LOL!!
    Ohhh yess Obama is still the president and karate-chopping flies too!!
    Verdict is you are just too busy as Kooks put for this NANSENSE!!
    Oh btw I saw a snippet of Heidi's sister on I'm a Celebrity...what happened to Heidi et Spencer and all them folks??Sigh...

  5. Karate-chopping flies but according to PETA, he should have captured it and set it free outside. As if the most powerful man in the world has time for that. PETA need to go and sit themselves down somewhere.

    Yes, Michelle & the girls were in London. They saw the Lion King, the Harry Potter set in Neasden and the houses of parliament. All the pictures in the paper were really bad though because obviously paps couldn't get up close.

    I get my news from the LondonPaper these days now that I am working back in London - haven't watched TV in ages. The biggest news of all is that Jimmy Choo are doing a line for H&M, it is released 14 Nov!! Most exciting part of my week for sure lol


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