8 Feb 2010

44th Super Bowl 2010 - Jay-Z Intro And The Commercials

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints!!!

The Super Bowl Intro - Jay-Z

Go head Jay! Looking fly as hell in those shoes and suit!

Here are the Super Bowl commercials in case you missed any, or like me were in the UK and didn't get to see them. Be patient, the page takes a while to load.


  1. *Heart flutters* some black men just KNOW how to rock a suit you know? Jay Z unrelated but my former boss used to wear impeccable suits tailored to his body. He was a white guy in his late 40's and the minute he walked into the office you just had this feeling of "All hands on deck, the boss is in".

    As for super bowl ads I won't lie they are part of the reason I get excited for Super bowl. I keep hearing about the google ad!

  2. Jay-Z!!Jay-Z!Jay-Z!!!ooooh Jay-Z!!!

  3. Thanks New Orleans for the great memories this season.

    We did it.


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