8 Feb 2010

I Hate Valentine's Day!

In 2010 I still think it's crap. Aint a damn thing changed.

Oh and idiots. It's ValentiNe's Day not ValentiMe's Day!

Anyone gushing about this crappy day will get straight unfollowed/blocked/banned from Twitter/Facebook/My Life respectively with a quickness.

And none of this "I know you hate Valentine's Day but....."

"No how about you just shut up. It's Sunday....End of!"

I had one guy who thought he was clever/sweet/romantic who KNEW about my disdain for the day, and sent me flowers on Feb 13th so TECHNICALLY I didn't get em on Valentine's Day. That ain't working for me either.


  1. My disdain for V day comes from my mother. My father I believe is the romantic and although I take after him in some things the love of this day skipped me. My mother claims its an absolute waste of money to buy her a card and flowers and tells my Dad if he must participate he should do something like bring her mangoes (her favourite fruit)

  2. LOL@K's mum wanting him to bring her mangoes..LOL!!Makes perfect sense!
    Well I have said I will block anyone who says that ish to me be it on twitter/FB or BBM..I will block them no ifs or buts!!


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