14 May 2010

He's Baaaaack! T.I. On Larry King Live FULL Interview!

T.I. in his first interview since being released from prison on last night's Larry King Live show. He came across very well in my opinion, articulate, confident and very down to earth. I do love that Southern accent of his, plus it doesn't hurt he's very easy on the eye. 

I heard read a Twitter rumour that Tiny & Toya's BET show is to be cancelled and it was down to T.I.'s influence. I boldy asked Tiny on Twitter if this was true...no answer because either (a) she has a ton of followers and doesn't get to reply to every tweet and (b) she probably just didn't want to answer the question. Although T.I. didn't appear in the first season of the hit BET show, his influence was very strong over Tiny it appeared who really didn't do much with her life, career wise until T.I. went to jail. Remember that???

I like Tiny and I am a T.I. fan, I  hope she remains busy working with her nail shop, and her group The OMG Girls. What the hell Toya does I don't know, except run around New Orleans after her drug addicted mother. Two engagement rings later....yes TWO, I hope T.I. makes an honest woman out of Tiny. After three children by him [sadly they lost a daughter together], waiting on him whilst he was doing his jail-time, it seems he's found himself a woman who is definitely loyal and dedicated. I know there's more to a relationship than just that, but I just hope they're very good to each other.

Not a fan of rappers doing jail time, but T.I. looks to have learnt his lesson and is ready for a new and more positve chapter in his life. I wish him the best.

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