20 Nov 2009

"Seein' Right Through You Like You're Bathin' In Windex"

I don't think I've ever quoted my own Facebook status in the few years I've been blogging.

"The transparency of certain individuals NEVER ceases to amaze me. So, so, so transparent even Stevie Wonder can see it! To shake my head, laugh or do both?? Rev Run, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes I've quoted quite a fair bit. Today Facebookers, the quote comes from the one and only..."Seein' right through you like you're bath...in' in windex" -Mariah Carey. Never has such a JOVIAL lyric in a song made SO MUCH SENSE."

It's not about the song 'Obsessed' more so just that line. Yeah the song is fun and light hearted, and the most jovial line in it is the windex line repeated throughout the chorus. When you kick off your shoes and relax your feet, sit and observe, it really is a trip at the lengths some people go to and coninue to go to. Masquerading behind a facade, trying to appear to be the person they are NOT for alterior motives. I can see it, and it's pitiful. It's funny for a millisecond, then just really not so clever after that. Then my temper kicks in and I want to scream "what kind of a fool do you take me for?"

Luckily for me I've learnt to ask for help, whether it's something so small or absolutely huge. Praying boldly is my new thing. The Lord knows my tolerance and patience is very low at most times.

My bold prayer for today will center on that transparent person just getting out of my face...for good. A long trip down some raging rapids with a strong current would be nice also. I don't think God will adhere to that request but the getting out of my face part I'm sure he can handle.

At least with these type of people you are never surprised by their actions. Funny thing is I've been kind of 'warned' by several people about this person. My response was "I already know," they weren't telling me anything I didn't already know. I told y'all I was an observer. I can only watch for so long till you get on my damn nerves that's for sure.

God can fight my battles. I'm sitting this one out. No need for raised blood pressure this early in the morning. I am NOT trying to be Madea, but if I need to be....that side still exists.


  1. I really like the way you're now handling things..let God sort it out!! If God can do it why worry about!!!

  2. Exactly girl...Exactly. So simple yet took me 30 odd years to realise. Oh well better late than never I suppose!


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